Saving Money By Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Many friends have a dog at home. As a family member, cost of our dogs can be as expensive as our cost every month. There are several ways to save money when we have a dog. One is cooking their food by ourselves. Homemade dog food is not only cheaper than commercial dog food in the market, but they are very healthy for our dogs as well.

Did you know that the food you purchase from the pet store may not actually be that good for your dog? This is because they contain high amounts of grain which act as a filler. The dog’s stomach actually finds it very difficult to process these grains which can lead to all sorts of health problems. In addition to that, these foods contain a high amount of chemicals which again are not going to be that beneficial for your animal. In short, the food is not good for them. This is why people start to look into the idea of homemade dog food recipes. These recipes are purely beneficial ingredients for your dog. There are no additives at all. This means that everything that goes into that food that be processed by your dog and utilized. This means that you can look forward to a dog which is much healthier in general. Those dogs which consume homemade dog food tend to have much longer lives as they have none of the bad stuff going into them.

So, what can your dog actually eat? Well, if you read a couple of homemade dog food recipes out there, then you will quickly discover that the focus is not really on the ingredients that go into the food. To be honest with you, dogs do not really care about what they are putting in their mouth. What they care about is the fact that they are getting enough nutrients into their diet. If they get the nutrients that they need then they are happy. A good starting point is to combine meat and carbohydrates into the dish. Cook these and the dog is going to have some protein and carbohydrates which are obviously essential to their development. Many people then add some fruits and vegetables on top to balance out what is in there. There are of course some foods that you will want your pet to avoid. Onion, strawberries and garlic are perhaps the strongest contenders for food to avoid here. Let me run you through one of my favorite homemade dog food recipes to give you an idea of the sort of thing that you should be cooking.

Wonderful Homemade Dog Food Recipes of Mine

home made dog food
The wonderful thing about homemade dog food recipes is that they are not actually that difficult to cook. In fact, you can probably do it alongside your normal cooking. One of my favorite recipes is nothing more than a combination of a bit of beef and some potatoes. Your dog gets a good amount of protein and carbohydrates here. On top of this you will add a single cup of vegetables. This can be anything that you want (bar the ones which dogs should not be eating of course). These vegetables should be steamed. On top of this people normally add a completely organic vitamin supplement for their animal (check that there are no additives on the packet). This should lead to a rather decent meal for your furry friend which is packed to the brim with the nutrients that they need to thrive.

Like most homemade dog food recipes, this dish should be fairly easy to cook. It also contains high quality ingredients with absolutely no additives. This is of course going to lead towards a much healthier dog. Honestly, if you start feeding your dog food like this regularly then you will notice that their coat gets shinier, they get more energy, and they just seem healthier in general. Remember, you will most likely want to mix up the ingredients from time to time to ensure that your animal gets a good and balanced diet.

More Tips for Saving Money on Dog Food

Besides of cooking dog food by yourself, there are several ways to save money when you have a dog in your family. Some of my friends tell me that they are too busy to cook, even for themselves. They have to purchase food for their dogs. Usually, they buy dog food online, which always provide big discount and free shipping. They also purchase dog food from pet shops as well. Before they are going to shopping, they always search for dog food coupons and print them out. These printable dog food coupons usually can help them to save $1.00 or $5.00 for each purchase. Some coupons offer free dog food under some conditions.

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  1. Gary Alan says:

    It feels good to see your dogs delightfully eating the food you made. You are sure that the ingredients are nutritious and are healthy for your dogs. You can also be creative in making dog food to ensure proper balance of diet. Unlike pre-made dog foods, your dog will enjoy variety of foods that will boost their appetite and ensure good and shiny fur. Pre-made dog foods are dry and dull, not to mention the method and processes it undergoes and the chemicals and ingredients included on it. Will you risk your dog’s health for a convenient pre-made dog food? It may save money to buy pre-made dog foods at the expense of your pet dog’s health, or worse life.

  2. Bobbo says:

    I am totally wowed and prearped to take the next step now.

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