Making International Calls From Singapore

I have been living in Singapore for almost 5 years. Every week, I will make an international call to my parents and my girlfriend. Hence, my phone bill every month is one big part among of my cost of living. As I remember, the most expensive calling from Singapore to my home town, Shanghai, China, is round $28. It is direct international calling because I got a miss call and just click the miss call to call back by mistake. Usually, I am using IDD call or Hello card calling back.

International Calling 2013

International Calling 2013

The Cheapest Way to Make International Calling from Singapore

As my real experience, using Singtel Hello Card is the most cheapest way to make international calls from Singapore. Compare with other over sea calling services or online calling services such as Skype, Hello Card provides better voice quality and cheaper rate. The only disadvantage is it is very hard to get calling between 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm. I think it is the busy hours for people who are working in Singapore to make international call.

Different Between Direct Call and Callback

The Singtel Hello Card provides two services, the direct dial call and callback. The different between direct call and callback is the rate. The direct call is more expensive than callback when your phone number has a free incoming calling service. Please remember that not all incoming callings are free. For example, Singtel prepaid phone number doesn’t have free incoming calling. My phone number has a contract with Singtel so that I can enjoy the free incoming call. If you don’t have free incoming call hours, it will be a different story.

Phone Contract with Singtel

2013 phone bill

2013 phone bill

My phone contract with Singtel is S$24.00 each month, with free incoming calls and 100 free outgoing minutes. So it is much suitable for me to use Hello Card. Because of free incoming calls, I can use the callback service to make international calling with a very low rate.

More Helpful Information About International Calls

I have several post about making international calls from Singapore. These posts are talking about how to choose the most suitable way for you, the type of international calling and their rates. I think they are very helpful as well.
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