How to Choose a Diamond Necklace with Small Budget

Last month, I came back to Shanghai to join my brother wedding. So I planed to buy a necklace with a diamond pendant to my wife in the airport. The jewellery stores in Changi airport are duty free, so the jewellery may be cheaper 7% than inland. Before the day I left, I had made some research online and offline.

Because I want to buy a diamond necklace. The price is depending on the diamond size and quality. For necklace with small diamond pendant, the price is also decided by the out look design. But it will still cheaper than a big size diamond pendant with simple design.

Before going to the jewellery store, I study how to choose a diamond. Actually, there are lots of learning material online. To buy a diamond pendant or diamond necklace, we’d better to choose diamond with certification. These diamonds will have a grading report, which is given by a qualified professional. There are some famous qualified gemstone organizations like GIA, HRD and IGI.

In a diamond grading report, there are several criterias to identify the quality of this diamond. But for customers, there are 4 main grading criteria to guide us to choose the diamond we want.

Diamond Carat Weight

This is also considered as the diamond size, the heavier the bigger. Because large diamonds are less than small diamonds, the price can be extremely different between different size of diamonds. If you are not extremely rich, 0.4ct to 0.8ct diamond is good enough for your wife.

Diamond Carat Chart

Diamond Carat Chart

Diamond Color

Diamond color is the next important criteria to grade a diamond. Besides Diamond size, you can see the different between two different grade diamonds by your eyes. The diamond color level has been divided by colorless (DEF), near colorless (GHIJ), faint yellow (KLM), very light yellow (NOPQR), light yellow. Colorless are the best diamond, followed by near colorless diamond. And D color diamond is the best between colorless diamond. Therefore, the colorless diamond is more expensive. In the jewellery shop, all diamonds are colorless diamonds or near colorless diamonds. As some personal experience, you can not say the difference between a colorless diamond and a near colorless diamond in jewellery shop, because of the light effect in jewellery shop. But if you compare them in sunlight, the near colorless diamond is a little bit yellow. To me, the little bit yellow color is obvious. I will never choose a big near colorless diamond. The bigger diamond is, the more yellow color you can see.

Diamond Color Chart

Diamond Color Chart

Diamond Clarity

This criteria indicates how clear the diamond is. One clear diamond creates more brilliance and thus are more expensive. Diamond clarity has 5 grades. There are F, IF, VVS1-VVS2, VS1-VS2, SI1-SI2. For clarity grades F through SI are not visible to the naked eye, even though it is an important criteria to grade a diamond. Diamonds are graded for clarity under 10x loupe magnification. Personally, I will choose a VVS level diamond if it is in my budget. If not, I will pay more for the diamond weight and diamond color. But this really plays a big role when the diamonds are priced. One 0.4ct D color VVS2 diamond can be priced as same as one 0.5ct G color VS1 diamond. SI diamonds are even cheaper.

Diamond Clarity Chart

Diamond Clarity Chart

Diamond Cut

Cus is the most complicated quality factor for us to understand. Therefore, it is always ignored by some customers. However, it is probably the most important quality factor. The brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on its cut. When light enters a well-cut diamond, the light will enter through the table and travels to the pavilion, then reflects to the other side and reflect back out of the diamond through the table. This light is called brilliance, which makes diamonds so mesmerizing shining. Diamond cut has 5 grades to guide us to determine the cut of a particular diamond. There are Ideal, Premium, Very Good, and Fair & Poor. For common consumers like me, very good and good is suitable. Usually, a very good cut diamond or good cut diamond will create the largest possible diamond, rather than cutting extra weight off to create a smaller premium quality diamond. Diamonds in very good cut and good cut (especially good cut) offer an good saving to consumers who have a tight budget, but search for quality and beauty.

Diamond Cut Chart

Diamond Cut Chart

My Experience for Buy Diamond Jewellery

This is my first time to buy a diamond jewellery. So after I do some research online, I am going to the Jewellery shop to ask the price. There are several jewellery store available in Singapore. I have checked Sookee Jewellery, Goldenheart, Lee Hwa Jewellery, and SK Jewellery. The one impressed me most is a 0.1ct, D color, VVS2 diamond pendant from Goldenheart. The price is around S$699. And I use it as my guideline for the further searching. I don’t choose this one is just because it is small and expensive. Diamond weight or diamond size is most the first factor to consider, according to many friends feedback.

In the end, I bought one 0.3ct, near colorless, SI diamond pendant from SK Jewellery in Changi Airport Terminal 3. It cost me about S$599. The near colorless diamond is nearly white in Jewellery shop. After I gave it to my wife, I just found out it was no as colorless as it in the Jewellery shop. Especially under sun light, it shows the yellow color so obviously. Therefore, I have to come back and change a new pendant with a 0.19ct, D color, SI diamond with very good cut. It also required me to pay another S$60 extra.

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