Choose The Right Company for Your Life

If you can, choose the big company. Don’t trust those people who say you can learn a lot in small company. That is true, but learn a lot means you will do a lot in several domain. In the end, you will know everything, but you are not good at anything.

Here is a good example. One software engineer is working in one small company. He has to program and design UI, even draw graphic by himself. After several year, he is fired. Why? His salary is too high. The company can offer that salary to hire a professional designer or programmer, or the company will find another cheaper labour to do his job. It is just because he is not the expert. He is not necessary for the company.

Hence, if you have been working in small company for several years, you will be nothing but an old common worker. Who will offer a high wage for an old common worker? If you want to be an employee, you have to become an expert in a certain area. Your experience will be your best treasure in your expert domain.

If you are working for your own, it will be a different story. First of all, you are the boss or co-founder. In this way, you must know anything and you should be good at several areas. Some people say I want to work in small company. It is an opportunity to get share and become a millionaire. That’s a good wish. But that dream will not come true. Please consider by yourself. You are finding job, how come they offer share to you. Do you have unique skill or special ability they need? If you do, they will hunt you instead of you give them your resume.

Why working in big company is good for comployee?

Big company will give you the right guide. You will not waste your time to learn something you don’t need. For example, the company hire you as an software engineer. They will not let you learn graphic design or music composition. It is out of your domain. They know it is wasting their money if they let you draw the graphics.

Let you do what you are good at. It is good for both of you and your company. Your company wants to build you as their best machine so that you can create the biggest value for them. That sounds evil. But that’s your value. If you become an expert, you will be able to create a huge value. Of course, they are willing to pay for it.

How to join a big company?

For fresh graduated students, your score in your college is one of the most important factors to convince HR. Don’t trust people who say score is nothing, because either they are bosses or they are losers. Lots of these bosses started their business before graduated. If you want to find a job, you need a beautiful score sheet.

Working in a small company, how?

It is very hard to switch to work in a big company when you are working in small company, unless you are an expert in a certain area. Not all the small company will let their employee do everything, but lots of them will. If you are lucky, you still have the chance. Actually, you have two options if you are working in small company.

One is working harder and harder. You can wish you will get an Employee Option. Please don’t think you will get rich after you get the option. It is nothing if your company doesn’t get a big success, I mean IPO. Share Option is not share. You are not the shareholder. If the boss sell the company, you still get nothing with option. Still, if you want to get successful, you have to be an expert. You have to make yourself necessary for the company. Working harder doesn’t mean doing anything you can. Remember this, everyone can do every common thing, only expert can do something specific and unique.

Another one is working for you own. That will be a tough path. I can say it is even more difficult than working as an employee. If you want to choose this path, please stop reading my bullshit and start working now.

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