Language Teacher Jobs in Philippines Manila

Looking for a job can be very challenging in the Philippines. In fact, majority of its graduates end up unemployed due to lack of opportunities. And because getting a job can be very competitive, only those who never tires to apply obtain a regular work.

There are lots of ways to find a full time job in the Philippines. The government is currently doubling its effort to reach out those who want to earn a living. Job fairs are regularly conducted in malls where various companies participate. Job applicants will then have better chances of finding a work since many companies are present in one place at one time. Hence, the person can submit many applications at once. But since job fairs are not often conducted, reading news paper ads for job hiring and visiting Public Employment Service Office (PESO) for possible job offers can be your best options.

With the increasing numbers of food chains and business establishments, some can take part time jobs and study at the same time. McDonalds, Jollibee and other food establishments are just among the many companies that offer part time jobs. A hardworking McDonald crew can earn to as much as $65-$69 every week.

If you are foreigners who have decided to stay long in the Philippines, you may be interested to know the salary of an English Language Teacher. Well, it depends where the teacher works. Public school teachers receive a better pay than those employed in Private. Tutors on the other hand receive hourly pay and this can be as cheap as $3.47 per hour. But foreigners who want to learn English language pay more. And because they are earning dollars, they are often the prospect of many malicious-minded people. And with the increasing influx of foreigners in the country, English language teacher’s market of tutees expands as well.

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