Cost of Healthy Living in Shanghai China 2013 March

It is almost two weeks since I came back to Shanghai. Before that, I have lived in Singapore for four years. This is the first time that I pay attention on the cost of healthy living in Shanghai. In past four years, I came back to China for several times. Because all the trips were for Chinese New Year Festival, I cannot get a real image about the daily cost. In the period of festival, all price will be increased. But this time is different. Drinks, meals, fruits, everything are on their normal price in March.

Some friends of mine living in Singapore say things in China are very expensive, especially in Shanghai, one of the most modern cities in China. At the beginning, I don’t agree with them. In my memory, it is not that expensive living in Shanghai. But this time, I change my mind after I watch two movies in the cinema and have a launch in a restaurant.

I have gone to the cinema for two times last week. One was on Tuesday and another one was on Thursday. The one on Tuesday cost me $60 yuan for VIP Room after 50% discount (because it is on Tuesday). I will never do it with its full price. It absolutely doesn’t worth, comparing with the Gold Class in Golden Village Singapore. It only cost for S$30, around $150 yuan in China. But you will get a great watching experience with dinner and wine. In Shanghai, you will only get a big couch with the same price.

Now let’s talk about the normal movie ticket. It usually cost $60 yuan for one normal movie, around S$12. If you are living in Singapore, you will say it is definitely overcharge. I can spend $60 yuan for 3D movie in Singapore.

How Much Will it Cost for a Movie Ticket
Shanghai (China) Singapore
Normal Movie Ticket 60 Yuan S$10 SGD
3D Movie Ticket 80 Yuan S$13 SGD
VIP/Glod Class 120 Yuan S$30 SGD

If watching movie is not necessary for daily life, how about fruit? Today, I bought five oranges at $9.30 yuan, around S$1.86. These oranges were sold under great discount because they didn’t look nice. The nice one were sold at $6.50 yuan for 500 gram and $7.00 yuan for 500 gram. The one I bought were sold at $4.00 yuan for 500 gram. In the fair price supermarket, I can spend S$1.86 on 5 oranges which will cost me S$3.00.

However, not everything in Shanghai is more expensive than that in Singapore. Handmade food is my favorite. It is very cheap and very dilicious. Steamed stuffed bun, also called as “bao”, is sold at $2.5 yuan, around S$0.5. It will be sold at S$1.5 in Singapore. And it doesn’t taste as good as it in Shanghai. Besides this, other handmade food also taste very nice such as har kao, siew mai, xiaolongbao, and crystal dumpling in Shanghai, China. They are also very cheap.

All of these are my feeling in Shanghai in last two weeks. It may not be too expensive to live in Shanghai if I don’t want to go out too often. I can only say it will be very different from the life in Sinagpore.

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