Is the Cost of Living in Shanghai Expensive?

This month, I have to come back to China, Shanghai. It may take me one or two weeks to stay there. In the first week, I deeply felt that the food and drink is really expensive. For example, a common meal may cost 25 yuan, around S$5.00. A battle of drink costs S$1.00. Compare with the average monthly income, the price is very higher than that in Singapore. Yesterday, I bought one battle of milk and one pack of bread. Here is the list of price.

Consumer Goods Price Comparison in Shanghai
Mankattan Whole Meal Bread ¥4.9 for 350g S$1.00 for 350g
MengNiu Fresh Milk ¥8.10 for 950ML S$1.60 for 950ML

The same bread in Singapore will cost around S$1.85 to S$2.00. The milk may cost around S$2.50. Therefore, the price of daily necessary food is almost the same. Some are slightly cheap. But why do lots of Singaporean say living in Shanghai is very expensive.

Shanghaiese are cooking at home. Singaporean almost don’t. Singaporean have lunch and dinner outside, like hawk center or food court. One lunch cost around S$3.00 to S$4.00. But there is no such cheap place for lunch and dinner in Shanghai. If we don’t want to have dinner at home, the restaurants are the only place. Hence, it will be very expensive living in Shanghai if you want to cook by yourself.

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