Cost of Living in Singapore 2012 November

In November, I tight my cost due to lack of money. I lent $9,000 to my friend and $2,000 of them is from my another friend. The debtor failed to repay on time and I was in a big trouble. There is no choice but hope he can recover from his lost in order to repay his debt. Though I didn’t spend this on me, it was indeed big cost. Here is my November cost summary.

Cost of Living In Singapore 2012 November (SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$147.80
Transport S$90.00
Meal S$200.00
Phone Bill S$0 (Paid in October)
Rental S$565.00
Extra Cost S$327.84
Total Cost S$1330.64

In the above table, Extra cost is the first time I mentioned. The rest are the same. The extra cost is an unexpected cost, but have to pay. For example, the extra cost this time include a suit of blazer, pants, and tie. I have to pay for it even though I will only wear them once at the Christmas Dinner. I also trace these cost details for someone who want to compare the price.

G2000 Suit in Singapore (7% GST included)
G2000 Suit Blazer S$140.00
G2000 Suit Pants S$89.00
G2000 Ties S$45.05

In this month, I also had a dinner with my friends. It is a western restaurant, The Manhattan Fish Market in JCube, Jurong East. It is a normal western food restaurant, like Fish & Co. The price is also the same.

Price in Manhattan Fish Market in JCube Singapore
Latte S$3.90
Black Coffee S$2.90
Cream of Tomato S$5.00
Scallop Mussel Skewer S$19.95
Fish & Cheese S$13.95
Service Fee 10%
GST 7%

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