Cost of Living in Singapore 2012 December and Annual Summary

This is the last month of 2012. I will not only post the cost of living in December 2012, but also summarize the past 2012 and make a new plan for life cost in 2013. People usually cost a lot in the last month of the year because of the holiday season. Exclude the common cost, I spent extra S$765.00 for gifts. The following table will show the details about the cost.

Cost of Living In Singapore 2012 December (SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$204.95
Transport S$30.00
Meal S$200.00
Phone Bill S$45.95 (Paid in October)
Rental S$565.00
Christmas Gift S$765.16
Total Cost S$1811.06

Exclude the Christmas gift, my monthly cost keeps almost the same. After I compared with all the monthly cost record in 2012, I find actually our basic living cost is very stable. If we treat food, clothing and transport as core cost, my biggest cost are all because of unexpected cost, for example, flight tickets, gifts, etc. The biggest extra cost is the Christmas gift, iPad 3. If I want to buy a tablet, I recommend to buy a 7 inch tablets. I compare the thinnest 7 Inch tablets price and I think the Google Nexus 7 is the one I want.

Summary for 2012 Monthly Cost

First of all, I failed to reach my 2012 income target. There are too many reasons. For example, my office move to new place. It increase my transport cost. Because it is located in office building area, my lunch cost increase as well. I also spent more on abroad trips last year. Everyone knows that travel can burn lots of money. However, I am afraid I can not change this situation in 2013. There is another big reason is that I lend a big amount money to my friend last year. I hope his situation can get better in 2013, so that he can repay me.

Average Living Cost in Singapore

The 2012 critical data are all released. According to the report, CPI-All Items inflation rose by 4.3% in December versus 3.6% in November. It looks scared but it will not affect most of the Singaporeans who don’t want to buy a car. The increase was due to high costs of accommodation and cars. For foreigners, rental is a big concern. The report doesn’t represent the rental explicitly. However, we can speculate the rental inflation is around 0.5% from CPI less imputed rentals on OOA inflation is 3.8 against to all items inflation 4.3%.

The MAS core inflation eased slightly to 1.9% in December from 2.0% in November. It is a good news for both Singaporeans and foreigners, because the costs of services and food reduces its increasing rate.

What is CPI less imputed rentals on owner-occupied accommodation?

CPI less imputed rentals on owner-occupied accommodation is an aditional indicator, which is calculated without taking the share of the imputed rentals on OOA. To make it simple to understand, CPI less imputed rentals on OOA doesn’t consider about the rental inflation.

What is MAS Core Inflation

MAS Core Inflation is the CPI excludes the costs of accommodation and private road transport. It includes food, clothing & footwear, communication, education & stationery, and health care.

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