Cost of Living in Singapore 2012 September

When I start to summarize the spent in Singapore in September 2012, I have a question in my mind. How come the life cost keeps increasing while I haven’t added any new consumer goods in my daily life. Hence, I start to learn more from Singapore Government statistic website. There are lots of data which can prove that my feeling is right. The price is keeping increasing in this year.

CPI, a consumer price index which measures changes in the price level of consumer goods and services purchased by households, in September 2012 increased by 0.1% against Auguest 2012, and increased by 2.1% against September 2011. To be more specific, the food price increased by 2.1%. In the food category, Rice and other cereals meals increased by 2.3%; meat increased by 2.0. The eggs increased by 3.6 and vegetables increased by 2.9%. The fruits increased by 2.5%. Only the seafood and cooking oils decreased. The seafood decreased by 1.4% and cooking oils decreased by 0.7%. But I can not get any benefits from both of them, simply because I rarely buy seafood and cooking oils. After I get these data, it is no wonder that my monthly cost in Singapore keeps increasing. Now, let’s see how much I spend in September 2012 in Singapore.

Cost of Living In 2012 September (SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$125.40
Transport S$80
Meal $404.12
Phone Bill $45.95
Rental S$565
Total Cost $1220.47

From the above table, we can only find that Meal, Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks price increased, but it is still very rough and very hard to tell why it increased. Therefore, I think it is necessary to track the price of my daily consumer goods price. In this way, it will be very clear to see the price track of a certain items. The following data is my latest purchase list and price.

Consumer Goods Price Comparison
Item Unit Price
U.S. Red Grapes S$4.60 per kg
China Pear S$1.80 per 6 pack
Soft Grain Whole Meal Bread S$2.15 per 400g Pack
China Fuji Apple S$3.20 per 5 pack
China Spinach S$1.55 per 250g pack
High Calcium Milk 1 Lite S$2.75 per 1L Pack
McDonald McSpicy Meal (small) S$6.00

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