How to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets in Singapore

In Singapore, 26.8% population is nonresident population or can be considered as foreigners. Till 2011 June, the total population of Singapore is 5.18 million. There are 0.53 million of PR and 3.25 million of citizens. After that, there are 1.39 million of foreigners in Singapore. Every year, foreigners need to come back their home town at least once. Most of them will take flight. Therefore, buying cheap flight tickets will be a efficient way to save money.

There are several budget airlines in Singapore, such as Jetstar, Tiger Airways, or Scoot. Although this kind of flight are very cheap, their airline are very limited. For example, you can not find airline between Singapore and Shanghai direct flights in Jetstar or Tiger Airway. If you choose 1 stop, the air travel experience will be very lousy. One of my friend bought the air tickets in Jetstar for a round trip, from Singapore to Hangzhou. He had to get up at 5:00 am take the flight to Kuala Lumpur, wait for another 7 hours, then take next flight to Hangzhou. The whole trip cost him around S$350 and the normal price is around S$480 for a direct flight trip. Another disadvantage is that the budget airlines doesn’t provide meal and checked baggage. If you want all of these additional services, you need to add another S$50 at least.

Besides budget airline tickets, you can also get cheap flight tickets from big airlines, such as Singapore Airline or Cathay Pacific. As my experience, Singapore Airline is one of the best airline because of its high quality services and its prices is also the most expensive one. However, it also offer special tickets in a certain period of time. The normal price for a round trip between Singapore and Shanghai in Singapore Airline is around $1000. In the special offer, it can be lower than S$580 with 50% discount. This year, I bought the ticket at S$540 in May, from Singapore to Shanghai round trip. In later of this year, I already book the air ticket for 2013 February. It only cost me S$520. Here is my flight tickets between 2009 to 2012. All are round-trip.

Flight Ticket From 2009 to 2012
Airline Type Price Purchase Date Flight Date
Singapore Airline Direct S$680 December 2009 February 2010
Cathay Pacific 1 Stop S$610 November 2010 January 2011
Cathay Pacific 1 Stop S$600 November 2011 January 2012
China Eastern Direct $S560 March 2012 April 2012
China Eastern Direct $S520 August 2012 February 2013

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