10 Outstanding Gift Ideas For Corgi Lovers

Corgis are a fascinating breed and as any Corgi owner or lover can tell you, it’s one of those breeds that inspires lots of love, loyalty and enjoyment from pet owners. Many Corgi owners love collecting Corgi-related items, from t-shirts to figurines to plush toys and much more. Thankfully, this makes some Corgi owners a cinch to shop for when you’re looking to buy gifts! You can find everything from key chains to plush toys—and even wine glasses—featuring the beloved Corgi breed. If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for someone who owns or otherwise adores Corgis, look no further than the following 10 outstanding gift ideas for Corgi fans.

#1. Moodtown Handcrafted Corgi Key Chain

Corgi Key Chain
A truly geometric inspired, durable keychain handcrafted from high quality stainless steel in the shape of a Corgi. Perfect for the Corgi owner who wants something more elegant than cute.

#2. Society6 Corgi Carry-All Pouch

Corgi Carry-All Pouch
A small, convenient pouch featuring blue fabric with a Corgi print. Perfect for someone who doesn’t want an ostentatious Corgi bag.

#3. Socksmith Women’s Corgi Socks in Emerald

Female Corgi Socks
Delightfully emerald socks featuring an adorable Corgi print. Perfect for people who love showing off novelty socks.

#4. Silver Lilly Unisex Corgi Adult Pajamas

Cosplay Corgi Animal Costume
Adult-sized Corgi pajamas complete with a Harajuku-inspired hood and tail. Perfect for that special someone who enjoys cuddling up in warm pajamas on a Friday night.

#5. Etched Laser Art Corgi Wine Glass

Corgi Dog Wine Glass
An elegant custom wine glass featuring an etching of a noble Corgi. Perfect for the Corgi lover who loves to wine, dine and entertain.

#6. Douglas Louie Corgi Plush

A detailed high quality plush perfect with soft fur perfect for hugging. Perfect for young Corgi lovers or for adult Corgi fans who collect plush animals.

#7. 3DRose “Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts” Mug

Corgi Mug
A humorous black and white mug featuring an image of a Corgi–rump first–and a funny saying. Perfect for that Corgi loving office worker who isn’t afraid to say “Sounds like a case of the Mondays.”

#8. Cuteforyou Corgi Shaped Vase

Corgi Flower Pots
A perfectly adorable Corgi shaped vase, ideal for flowers, succulents, or simply decoration. Perfect for gardening Corgi lovers who want something new.

#9. Kikkerland Solar-Powered Corgi

Solar Corgi Toy
A cute solar powered Corgi figurine that shakes its head and tail in the sun. Perfect for Corgi lovers who live in sunny states where it can get plenty of energizing sunshine.

#10. The Fussy Pup Welsh Corgi Cookie Cutter

Corgi Cookie Cutter
A delightful copper cookie cutter in the profile shape of a Corgi. Perfect for the Corgi owner who loves to bake for birthdays, holidays and just-because days.


There are a lot of different Corgi-related products out there for the Corgi lover who has an upcoming birthday, anniversary, holiday or other type of celebration where the purchase of a fun gift is in order. It may be hard to choose the perfect Corgi gift, but with the above list of 10 amazing gift ideas for Corgi lovers, you’ll be on the right track for the perfect present in no time at all!

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