3 Steps to Find Perfect Leather Knee High Boots for the Fall and Winter

Is there anything better than wearing a pair of perfect leather knee high boots in the fall or winter? Leather knee high boots are a constant staple of fall fashion—they show up on runways, high end boutiques, street snaps and yes even at the local mall. There is simply something about the look and feel of leather knee high boots that won’t separate itself from fall fashion. Maybe it’s the way leaves crunch under the boots so perfectly, or the way that the boots always seem to compliment fall sweaters and colors. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that leather knee high boots for the fall are here to stay.

There is also no denying that it can be hard to find the perfect pair of leather knee high boots for all of your fall ensemble needs. There are literally thousands of different pairs of leather knee high boots out there—how are you supposed to choose! Check the best leather knee high leather boots for women.

Clarks Women's Mullen Spice Knee-High Boot

Like many of you, I faced this very same dilemma when struggling to find just the right pair for my fall outfits. Thankfully, after some patience, research, and a lot of trying sample sizes on, I was able to figure out the key to finding the perfect leather knee high boots for the fall. Or rather, keys, as there are three factors you need to consider: fit, leather/wear, and material. I’ll take more in depth about each of these three factors in order to help you make your own decisions.


The fit is really the most important aspect of your knee high boots. Without a good fit, the boots will look bad—and they’ll be a pain in the heel to wear. The fit that your boots will have can depend on the style and brand; some boots are designed to hug the leg closely, while others are more round and open in style—similar to clunker boots popular in the 1990s.

Regardless of the style, a good fit will ensure that the boot doesn’t ride up or down your leg, and that your ankles, calves and feet fit comfortably—not too tight, and not too loose—in the actual boot.

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The amount of wear and tear the leather can take is also an important factor. You will probably be wearing your boots out pretty often in the fall, and it’s important t make sure that they can handle the wear. Now, even the highest quality leather can get scratches, dirt or other damage—the key is finding leather that can be kept pristine with normal daily care and maintenance. Scratches on good leather should be easily buffed out, and it should respond well to protective sprays and coatings.


Leathers weren’t created equally! I personally prefer thick brown leather for my fall winter boots, because the weather can get cold in the late fall and they keep my legs warm. But depending on the weather in your area and your personal preference, you may want to look for material that is thicker or thinner than my personal favorite.

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