Can I Wear Knee High Boots In the Summer?

There are some things you just shouldn’t wear in the summer. Fur coats, wool sweaters—anything that’s guaranteed to make you sweat and stand out like a visitor from Antarctica. But one of the most contested items of possible-summer fashion is the knee high boot. Can you wear knee high boots in the summer? Or perhaps more importantly, should you wear them in the summer? If you’re staring at your favorite pair of knee high boots, standing alone in the corner of the closet like an unloved present from your favorite Aunt, don’t fret: it is possible to wear knee high boots in the summer and not look ridiculous. How? Let’s take a closer look at how you can wear them in the summer, and why it won’t make you a social pariah among your fashion oriented friends.

Styles of Knee High Boots

The image that most people might conjure up when considering knee high boots are classic stompers: those thick, almost military style black boots that look as intense and impressive as any army commander. But there are actually many different styles of knee high boots, which range from those classic army stompers to stiletto heeled evening boots to dainty cut out lace up knee high boots with an almost delicate look to them. In other words: not all knee high boots were created equally. You might look strange if you showed up to a summer event in thick black military knee high boots—but not if you showed up wearing the latest off-white cut out lace up knee high boots, just recently seen on celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, and so much more.

Selena Gomez Boot

Look for Weather-Friendly Materials

Before you take your boots out of the closet, consider what kind of material they are made out of and the current weather conditions. Most places get at least somewhat hot in the summer, which is what makes it necessary to tailor your wardrobe to the weather. If it is hot, take a closer look at those boots. Is the material thick? Is it heavy? Are the boots insulated? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, and the weather is warm, you will really want to leave them at home. Click to find 10 most beautiful cut out boots for summer.

Qupid Cinema-35 Women's Peep Toe Boot

Instead, look for boots with summer-friendly designs. And yes, cut out lace up knee high boots are great for summer; the cut out design will help prevent your legs from getting unnecessarily sweaty, for one, and these types of boots are typically made out of thinner material in order to allow for the cut out designs.

Great fashion couldn’t happen without great risk. If you think a pair of knee high boots would perfectly compliment your outfit, even if the style doesn’t exactly scream “summer,” then take a chance and wear them out! Who knows? Maybe your outfit will be the one that sparks a new trend for different styles of knee high boots in summer ensembles!

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