10 Most Beautiful Cut Out Boots for Summer

Who doesn’t love a classic cut out boot? Cut out boots are a great choice for any summer ensemble—they look great, are comfortable to walk in, and best of all they won’t leave your ankles or feet as hot as regular boots because they have much better air flow. (Check the best leather knee high boots for winter here.)

There are a lot of different cut out boots available on the market right now, especially since they were featured in many summer preview runway shows earlier this year. It would be easy to fill up an entire book with the great new summer cut out boots to choose from for this summer reason; however, if you’re looking for the very best of the best—the top cut out boots—then look no further than the following 10 most beautiful cut out boots for summer.

Cut Out Lace Up Knee-high Boots in Summer

If you want to be hip to the latest trends, look no further than these very stylish cut out, lace-up knee high boots. And they aren’t just for your everyday fashionista, either: celebs, including Selena Gomez, are turning towards this style of lace up boot for their summer wardrobes. Join the trend and look your best! These boots can be a bit uncomfortable to walk long distances in, so don’t plan on wearing them to a summer marathon anytime soon!

Breckelles Women’s Knee High Lace Up Combat Boots

These knee-high cut out boots from Breckelles will definitely bring out that kick-butt side of you that you’ve been keeping cooped up all winter. These leather boots, which are available in a wide range of colors, are made in “combat” style, and will look great with your more edgy summer looks. If you want to soften the boots, consider choosing the boots in a less intense color, such as a light brown, beige, or “ice” brown.

Leather Cut Out Knee High Boots

If you’re in the mood for something in between cowboy and combat, consider these leather cut out knee high boots. The style is great for those ‘middle of the road’ outfits, since the simple design lends itself very well to a variety of styles. The boots come in standard black, but other colors—including a reddish brown—are also available.

Pleaser Women’s Delight Boots

Are you bored of the typical knee high boots? Cowboys, combats, punks–they can be a bit boring, especially if you’re the type to have tried them all. If you want something extremely unique this summer, consider the “Delight” cut out boots from Pleaser. These boots feature a stylish stiletto heel, a lace up floral cut out design, and a matching black ribbon to hold it all together. These boots will definitely turn heads when you wear them out this summer!

Black Summer Dresses with Short Ankle Boots

These dress friendly boots definitely have a 1990s retro feel to them; with a chunky heel that makes them easy to walk in for hours and silver buckle straps (both ankle and lace) they will definitely add both practicality and retro style into your summer wardrobe. They look especially great with black summer dresses, but they can be paired with just about any casual ensemble. They don’t look the best in formal wear due to the chunky design, however.

Seychelles Women’s Scoundrel Bootie

If you’re looking for something a bit less casual, this Seychelles women’s boot is a great choice. It’s cut low–more of a ‘bootie’ than a full boot-which is great for hot summer weather. The two comfortable straps are adjustable and will keep them snug on your feet all day long. The heels are only 1.5 inches, so they make great walking boots as well, ideal for wearing on shopping sprees, trips to the cities, or just a stroll around your neighborhood.

Steve Madden Women’s Cinch Ankle Boot

Steve Madden is well known for their shoes, and their summer boots are no less exceptional than the rest of their footwear line. This cinch ankle boot features gorgeous suede material and two crossing silver buckle straps; the unique cut-out in the center will add some style to any day or night summer outfit.

The suede material looks great but can be tricky under certain weather conditions—be careful to thoroughly dry these shoes if you get them wet!

Reneeze Beauty-04 Womens Buckled Cut Out Side Design Booties

Most cut out boots come in standard black, but this cut out boot from Reneeze is available in various shades of brown–including a typical dark brown all the way to a red-orange brown that is sure to stand out. The heels are low and comfortable, making them ideal for summers spent walking the city boulevards in search of the perfect new summer shopping treat.

Laid Back and Relaxed Look in Cowboy Boots

You don’t have to stick to ankle boots in the summer! Unleash your inner cowgirl with these stylish embroidered cowboy boots, which will go well with summer shorts, summer skirts, or even a summer dress! You can even complete the look with some similar leather accessories, or if you’re feeling particularly wild, a cowgirl hat! The heels are a bit higher than most summer boots, but keep an even step and you will be fine.

Women’s Cut Out Cross Corral Boots

Cut out boots are all the rage, and knee high boots with great design are in high demand. These country style cut out boots from Corral Boots are a surefire showstopper, whether you’re wearing them to a get together with friends, the local mall, or the big city. They are made from handcrafted leather and feature unique cross style cut-outs, complete with complimenting rhinestone accents. The boots are made to look vintage, and would look especially great with a boho or cowgirl style outfit.

While the boots are stylish, they aren’t the most comfortable, particularly if you aren’t used to walking around in spiky heels. Make sure to bring along a pair of flat, comfortable shoes to change into in a pinch!

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