Saving on Your Meal with Pizza Hut Coupons

I consider myself a bargain hunter and I make it my mission to enjoy the things that I love without breaking my budget. I do this by getting the best deals out of my purchases. And one of the things that I love is pizza. I have had this long standing relationship with pizza since I was a child. A great job done or an achievement in school always calls for a treat and my mom makes it a point that we always had pizza to celebrate every occasion and milestone. Now that I have a family of my own, I have carried on the tradition and passed it on to my kids.

Weekend lunches is an important part of our family bonding time. Mornings and breakfast are frantic times with everybody rushing to get things done before leaving for school and work. As for dinners, my husband doesn’t get to eat dinner with us most of the time as his job requires him to come home late. So, every weekend, we make it a point to really spend time together. And what better way to celebrate family bonding time than to have Pizza Hut for lunch!


My husband wonders how I manage to fill our table with loads of food from Pizza Hut and not complaining about the cost. He always thinks I am overspending. When I told him that my secret is using Pizza Hut coupons, he was skeptical about it. I told him that all it takes to enjoy a great Pizza Hut lunch meal is by using Pizza Hut coupons. For instance, I got us the large hand toss pizza with light sauce half bacon and half pepperoni for only $7.99. I indulge the kids’ imagination by letting them create their own pizza by availing of the Any Recipe/ Create Your Own Pizza at $11.00. The kids love to eat chicken wings and I make sure that we have plenty so I also use coupons for 60-cent wings.

Every month, my colleagues and I have a lunch date where we order whatever we like. We have this lunch money jar in the office which we use to buy our lunch food. I introduced my colleagues to Pizza Hut coupons and we have been using it for all our Pizza Hut purchases. Our favorite is the medium 3 topping pizza which can be bought at $6.00 with coupon. At times we are able to avail of the 20% off regular menu items. What more is that orders sometimes come with freebies like sides and desserts. I especially love Pizza Hut breadsticks and the fact that it comes in various flavors. For dessert, we always go for the brownies.

Pizza Hut lunches are also popular with my girlfriends ever since I introduced to them how they can save using Pizza Hut coupons. I always suggest that we use them whenever we celebrate special occasions. I remember that time when Maya, my best friend broke the news that they were having a baby after being married for three years. We were all ecstatic of the news. We wanted to celebrate the news and what better way than to order lunch our favorite pizza at Pizza Hut. I immediately volunteered the use of the coupons that I have collected so that we can enjoy our lunch and at the same time save on the cost of our meal.

I recommend eating at Pizza Hut using coupons to all of my friends. It is a great option for get together, reunions or even just a regular lunch date with the family.

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