5 Best Royce Chocolates You Must Try

Royce Chocolate is one of the most popular Asian chocolate brands. Its humble beginnings can be traced in Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan. The fair weather and clean air in the island makes it conducive for confectioneries. When Royce was still a small company, it baked cookies at a small factory. The sweet smell of freshly-baked goodies drew attention from the neighbors to the table put up in front for the factory where cookies were sold. From there, the company grew to deliver chocolates and chocolate cookies not only to the residents of Hokkaido but to other parts of the world. Because of the company put a premium of using only the choicest ingredients, Royce has been known as a maker of quality and delicious chocolate products.

With aggressive research and development, it has grown its product lines to satisfy the peculiar taste of every chocolate lover around the world. You can find the cheapest Royce chocolates in Singapore. The product line has expanded to include the following:

  • Amande: roasted almonds coated with milk chocolate, white chocolate or match-infused white chocolate
  • Bars: liquor and liquor free velvety smooth chocoaltes
  • Baton Cookies: cookies with either coconut and hazel cacao baked to perfection and coated with chocolate
  • Fruit Bar: white chocolate blended with strawberry and dried fruits
  • Marshmallow: fluffy white marshmallows coated either with white chocolate or milk chocolate coffee
  • Nama: creamy chocolate that ranges from light to dark concoctions
  • Popcorn: a twist to the all-time favorite snack coated with luscious milk chocolate
  • Potato Chip: salty sweet combination of chips and chocolate
  • Potechi: crispy-sweet indulgence made of crumbled potato chips and cookies
  • Prafeuille: thin slices of chocolate squared with flavorful sauce and wafer in the center
  • Prafeuille: thin slices of chocolate squared with flavorful sauce and wafer in the center
  • Pure Chocolate: different chocolate varieties made of choicest cacao to make creamy, pure, bitter and sweet chocolate bars
  • Truffes: petite chocolate ganache blended with either kirsch, orange or praline lightly dusted powdered sugar, almond crunch and bittersweet cacao powder, respectively
  • Wafer: crispy thin wafers sandwiched with cream of hazel, matcha, tiramisu and strawberry and coated with milk chocolate

Royce Nama Champagne Liquor Chocolate

This is an exciting pairing of rich Nama chocolate and the fruity Pierre Mignon champagne. The vibrant flavor of Pierre Mignon champagne is added to Nama chocolate to produce a rich chocolate treat laden with a fruity fragrance and full flavor.

Royce Nama Au Lait Liquor Chocolate

This Nama chocolate has earned the title of No. 1 Omiyage in Japan. It is an award given not only to souvenir goods but to regional sweets and foods as well. The Royce Nama Au Lait Liquor Chocolate is an aromatic milk chocolate infused with Cherry Marnier Liquer made exclusively from full-flavored Morello Cherries. This chocolate masterpiece is a popular gift item by travelers and chocolate lovers.

Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate

You are in for a nutty treat when you take a bite of Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate. It comes fully loaded with macadamia nuts, pecans, almonds, cashews and crispy puffs. Each box comes with ten finger-sized chocolates bar that is just the right size for a sweet indulgence and for sharing.

Royce Fruit Bar Chocolate

The combination of fruits and chocolates is a favorite among youngsters. White chocolate whipped with strawberry flavor, dried fruits, almond puffs and a hint of banana essence. The Royce Fruit Bar Chocolate also comes in finger-sized chocolate bars ideal for group sharing and gift-giving.

Royce Potatochip Chocolate Original

Potato chip, a Western favorite, can now be enjoyed in a different form with Royce Potatochip Chocolate Original. This ingenious creation is an interesting combination of salty potato chips and rich milk chocolate. Thin crispy potato chips partially coated with chocolate on one side for maximum flavor.

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