5 Benefits of Retirement in the Philippines

The Philippines is touted to be “a paradise on earth”, making it a perfect place even for expats to spend their retirement years. After long years of being actively engaged in a work force, anybody would yearn to experience new adventures and find opportunities to get a glimpse of the country’s different cultures.

It has been said that a person who immerse oneself with other cultures is more fulfilled and happy than those who did do so. And it is important to know a bit of the country where you want to spend your retirement years. The Philippines can be your best option if you are planning to spend your remaining years in Asia and this is because of many reasons. First, this country has a paradise-like type of living. Secondly, it is filled with hospitable people. Thirdly, it has a unique Asian culture that sets it apart from other Asian countries. Lastly, the Philippines is also teeming with tourist spots where anyone can choose to go and as often as the person wishes. Basically, there are 5 benefits in spending your retirement in the Philippines.

No.1 It Has Beautiful Cities With a Glimpse of Paradise

The world has known the Philippines to be a paradise where one can go and spend a memorable vacation. But if one would ask what is the best city to spend one’s retirement in the Philippines, the answer is “all of them”. This is because the islands and cities in the Philippines have their distinct beauties. It is up to an individual to choose the place that he find best to meet all his personal needs and requirements.

The Best City to Retire in the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago made up of more than a thousand islands. Hence, you can enjoy this country views in more than a thousand ways! Anyone who decides to spend his retirement here can choose from its various cities endowed with distinct beauties that one will truly love to stay. You can choose places near the beach, or places with a cool weather. You can check these 5 highest living costs cities in Philippines. However, if you want to experience living in Asia, but still has metropolitan access near your location, you can choose to live in the westernized cities of Philippines as well. Either way, any individual can still visit a lot of tourist spots though one chooses to live in a city. Below are the lists of cities or places that you can choose from if you plan to stay in the Philippines.


It is a small island in the Philippines near the Panay Islands and the Western Visayas Region. If you are looking for a place near the beach, you can go and spend your retirement in Boracay. This is considered to be a top tourist spot in the Philippines especially for those who want to spend a lot of time getting a tan at the beach or spend a great night life with a wild crowd. What’s great about Boracay is you get to sleep at night after having so much fun drinking and listening to music in one of their night life events and wake up to a beautiful paradise in the morning where you can swim your worries away at their beautiful white sand beach! You can take an island hopping tour when you want, and go for water sports if you desire for a different kind of adventure.

Baguio City

Living in a tropical country can have its downsides when it comes to the weather as it is generally hot in the Philippines. So if you want to experience living in the Philippines and enjoy a more comfortable and cool temperature, you can try living in Baguio City. Baguio City is called the City of Pines, and you can find this in the Ilocos Region of the country. Travelling up north is not a problem if you are planning to commute going to Baguio City. You can easily do so riding a public bus or hire a van. This city is considered to be the coolest part of the country. It is also healthy to live in Baguio City as it is not as crowded as other popular retirement cities in the Philippines. You can take a tour at their parks and museums or visit their strawberry farm. You can go on a trekking trip in the mountains of Sagada or get to know the indigenous tribes in Benguet. Either way, the choice is yours. It is also easier to take a trip to the northern cities of the Philippines if you live and travel from Baguio City. However, if you still want to experience going to the beach once in a while, Baguio City is just an hour away from La Union, which is the beach capital of the north.

Olongapo City

If you want to experience living in the Philippines but still want to meet a lot of foreigners aside from Filipinos, the best pick is Olongapo City. This is found at the western part of Luzon, Philippines. Olongapo is perfect if you want to experience living near the beach, as this is near the coast of the Philippines. Here, you can meet a lot of foreigners especially those who come from the United States! Also, Olongapo City is one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines so you will surely enjoy spending your retirement there.

Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

If you want access to city spots, malls and other urbanized areas of the country, you can go and live in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. Mandaluyong is just beside Manila and is in the center of the entire National Capital Region. If you want easy access to the entire National Capital Region, living in Mandaluyong is a great choice. You can easily go to the most popular malls and go-see places in Metro Manila from Mandaluyong. Here, getting to other places is easy whether it be through public or private transportation. Mandaluyong is also filled with a lot of condominiums and rental apartments so looking for a place will surely not be a difficult task. Plus, Mandaluyong is considered to be the most disciplined city in Metro Manila!

No.2 The Philippines Has Amazing Real Estate Deals

House for Sale in the Philippines

This is another benefit of living in the Philippines! Finding a good real estate in the Philippines is not difficult too! There are hundreds of companies offering great prices of real estate in the Philippines, not just in Manila but in other cities too. It is a good thing that the Philippines is quickly evolving from just a simple tourist spot to a world renowned retirement place. Hence, the real estates in the Philippines are becoming more and more publicized! In the Philippines, there are rent-to-own places, houses for sale and the most popular ones are the condominiums units that are being sold, or sold with a contract of lease-to-own agreements. Finding real estate in the Philippines where you can be comfortable is not a problem anymore! There are online brokers and information sites that can offer how you can find the best deals of real estate in the Philippines whatever city you plan to stay.

You can look for properties in property24.com.ph, or simply go to www.olx.ph to look for brand new homes or just the regular homes for sale! On top of these great places, they are also offered in amazing prices. Hence, you will surely going to find a real estate in the Philippines that will definitely fit your budget.

Prices of homes will vary on the location, area size and number of bedrooms. There are subdivisions with small area properties catering to families with only minimal budget. There are also luxurious subdivisions with great facilities and homes with modern architectural designs in costly prices as well. The usual prices are as follows:

Low Cost Subdivisions
60 – 120 square meters $17, 828 – $ 46, 429
140– 245 square meters $36, 939 – $84,307
More than 300 square meters more than $100,000
High Cost Subdivisions
150 – 200 square meters $125,000 – $161, 905
284 – 400 square meters $176, 190 – $267,000

House Design in the Philippines

Philippines is known for its famous “bahay kubo”; a traditional “nipa hut” home. However, architectural home designs in this country have innovated over time. Now you can see modern designed homes with modern facilities similar to those found in western countries.

Low cost homes are usually bungalow style type with 1-3 bedrooms which the family shares. There are also 2 storey homes built with more bedrooms with bigger floor areas but these types are only available to families with higher financial income. Apartments and condominiums are commonly found in cities too.

If you live in the Philippines, you also get the benefit of designing your own home. Philippines house design services are available too, if you already bought a lot and are planning to construct a home in this country. House design Philippines services are done with different themes for all sizes too. What’s so great about home designs in the Philippines is that they are done by world class expert architects and designers to capture the vibe that you want to get in your home.

When looking for a great Philippines house design service, you can do some research of the home design you want and then look for contractors and home designers on the internet. There are still a lot of them and what you can do is search for them online. You need to look for the ones that can capture the designs that you really want. What’s great about house design Philippines services is; you can request for different kinds of materials to customize the make of your home and also to maximize your allotted home construction budget! But if you want to keep your expenses as low as possible, you can always hire local carpenters and an architect to do the house designing job instead.

No.3 Accessibility of Car for Sale in the Philippines is Very Cheap

A lot of foreigners also like living in the Philippines as there are easier ways to own and rent cars here. Of course, everyone wants their retirement years spent with a lot of fun, minus the hassle of commuting from one place to another. It is relatively easier to buy a car in the Philippines, not because the cars are more affordable but because it is easier to get them on installment basis since banks are becoming more accommodating as the country’s economy is improving over time. You have the option to look for cars at car showrooms in the locality where you plan to reside. You can also surf the net for lists of cars for sale. Since these ads are placed by agents who process car loans, loans applications for these deals are really fast!

If you are on a budget, you can buy a second hand car at affordable costs. They can be as cheap as $2,380 but this can also mean taking the risk of dealing with some car maintenance issues. There are also better options at around $7,142 or more. These cars were repainted and repaired to make them look like new.

No.4 Rent a Car Services in the Philippines is Very Accessible

If you are not going to stay permanently in the Philippines and you feel it’s a hassle to buy a car since you will be leaving the country after a while, then your best option is to go for car rental Philippines! There are many companies offering car rental Philippines services from the basic car brands to the luxury car brands. It all depends which car you want to go for.

Car rentals in the Philippines usually have daily terms, and they are often offered with a driver to ensure safe driving. This is a good option if you come from Manila, and you plan to go for a short vacation somewhere else. But before going for a car rental Philippines services, make sure that you will get the best deals and top performing cars by going to at least 2 or 3 car rental Philippines companies so you can compare prices and car models as well.

Here are sample rates of car rentals in cities from the 3 islands of the Philippines; Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao:

Luzon Metro Manila
Toyota Vios Toyota Corolla Altis Toyota Innova Toyota Grandia
$71. 34 per day $ 91.66 per day $99.73 per day $127.14 per day
Visayas Cebu
Toyota Vios Toyota Innova Toyota Grandia Toyota Hilux Honda CRV
$47.61 per day $71.42 per day $95.23 per day $95.23 per day $107.15 per day
Mindanao Cagayan de Oro City
Van Car
$119 per day $96 per day

No.5 Philippine Women are Interesting

Philippine women are called “Filipinas” and they are known to be very friendly and accommodating. If you want to look for a friend from another country, there is no better choice than befriending a Filipina! Filipinas are very easy to approach, and are open-minded to other cultures, despite their cultural differences, plus they are also very smart. On top of that, Filipina women are beautiful beyond words. Filipinas have mixed looks of Asian, Hispanic, and Malay roots, which make their beauties unique and a stand out among other races. If you are single, and you are interested in dating a Filipina, the best option is to go out in bars and restaurants and create your circle of Filipina friends. After all, friendship is best to way to start a serious relationship.

Top 5 Dating Websites in the Philippines

If you are shy and unsure, then you can go to Philippine dating websites to get to know Filipinas who are ready to date and meet foreigners. One of the most popular Philippines dating website is filipinocupid.com. Basically, Filipinos and Filipinas go to this website to meet and find prospective dates. But this does not limit foreign visitors like you. In fact, a lot of foreigners are doing the same to meet Filipina dates through this site.

Another popular website is friendfinder.com. This is another great Philippine dating website where you can meet and mingle with other Filipinos via video chatting or sending of online messages. There are a lot of romances budding from this website too! So if you are looking for potential love interests, you can go for this website.

If you are looking for Filipinas near the place where you live in the Philippines, you can go to match.com. This site offers searches by gender, age, race, religion and physical looks! Looking for that perfect and ideal date is resolved with this website!

The filipinokisses.com is one of the most interesting Philippines dating websites to go to if you want to have an instant date or want to make new friends as there are also thousands of Filipina women on these sites! The membership of this website is free, so you will always have access to the roster of new members’ every day! In this website, you will surely find your perfect match!

If you live around Cebu City, you can also meet beautiful Filipinas by going to cebuanas.com! Female members of this site are mainly ladies who live around Cebu. Hence, if you are planning to date someone you’ve met on this website, meeting up will not be a problem anymore!

The Philippines is a truly fascinating place and the best option if you want to have a retirement outside your country. You can experience paradise through its different tourist spots as well. This is a place where you will find relaxation, and meet beautiful people who will welcome you with warmth and kindness. Indeed, one of the reasons why a lot of people choose to spend their retirement in The Philippines is the warm attitude of the Filipinos. Filipinos are born hospitable and are friendly with foreigners too. This sets Filipinos apart from other Asian countries. All in all, if you want to experience the best years of your retirement, you should consider coming to the Philippines, or better yet, try living here!

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