I Missed My Connecting Flight in HongKong Airport

Last month, I came back from Shanghai to Singapore. To reduce the flight cost, I chose the one-stop route from Shanghai to Hong Kong, then flight to Singapore. Ideally, I had one hour in Hong Kong airport to transfer another flight. However, my first flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong got one and half hour delay. I quite worried about this situation because it was my first time to miss my connecting flight and I didn’t know what I should do in Hong Kong, even though I had an experience in missing the flight in Shanghai airport.

After landing in Hong Kong airport, I walked out from the air flight and saw a Cathay stuff standing in the airport corridor. She tried to gather all passengers who were heading to Singapore. I had to admire Cathay providing a great service. Because of the delay in Shanghai airport, we missed the connecting flight. So Cathay helped to arrange a Singapore Airline Flight for us, and they gave us a $70 voucher. We can use this voucher in any restaurant inside Hong Kong airport. After one hour, we successfully get the Singapore Airline boarding pass.

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