Check Your International Calling Card Balance

When you want to find a way to reduce your international calls cost, your best choice is international calling card. However, do you know that international calling cards also cheat people? If you don’t know, please keep your calling record and check your international calling card balance all the time. Here I will show you the worst callback card I have used and show you how it cheats people.

To make cheap international calls, I search in the forum and find one callback card, IDT Always Full phonecard. It also has a Chinese name, “常满电话卡”. Here is what it looks like:

IDT Always Full Phonecard.jpg

IDT Always Full Phonecard.jpg

Because this is my first time to use callback card, I record all my calling history and callback card balance. After I made several international calls, I found there were something wrong in the callback balance.

International Calling History and Callback Card Balance
No. Before Calling Balance Calling Duration Estimate Cost Real Cost
1 $9.94 81 mins 34 secs $1.64 $2.50
2 $7.44 87 mins 42 secs $1.76 $2.75
3 $4.69 9 mins 12 secs $0.20 $0.66
4 $4.03 25 mins 57 secs $0.52 $1.13
5 $2.90 12 mins 35 secs $0.26 $0.80
6 $2.10 no recorder no recorder no recorder

If you have used callback phone card, you will know that the prompting voice will tell the phone balance before calling, and I call it as “Before Calling Balance”. The real cost is what I calculated between two before calling balance. From this table%2 you will know how this international callback card cheats us. For the last $2.10, I already lost my temper to keep recording. At that time, I switched to using pfingo, another callback card. But now, I am using Singtel Hello Card. It seems to be the cheapest international calling card. As my girl friend comments, the voice quality is wonderful, and better than pfingo’s quality. I don’t know if  it is because she is in Xiamen, a city in China whose air quality is much better than Shanghai. I will check if its quality is still wonderful after my girl friend come back to Shanghai. Now, let’s see how Hello card help us save money. The following table is show you how much the hello card will cost in the above scenario.

Hello Callback Card Estimated Cost
No. Calling Duration Connection Fee Estimated Cost Total Cost
1 81 mins 34 secs $0.10 $0.984 $1.084
2 87 mins 42 secs $0.10 $1.056 $1.156
3 9 mins 12 secs $0.10 $0.12 $0.22
4 25 mins 57 secs $0.10 $0.312 $0.412
5 12 mins 35 secs $0.10 $0.156 $0.256

From the above real scenario, the Hello card only spent us $3.128 versus $7.84 which IDT card cost, less than two times cost. In the next post, I will compare the cost of international calling through the Internet.

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