Enjoy the Taste of Korean Wine Makgeolli in Singapore

Makgeolli comes out as a sweet, refreshing and delicious wine. It is a traditional Korean alcohol also known as makkoli. Commonly known as Korean rice wine in English, it is the oldest alcoholic drink in Korea. Makgeolli is made from grains such as sweet rice, regular rice, barley, wheat and matt which is processed by fermenting all the grains with boiled water. The result is an off milky white color and also sweet. Its alcohol composition is about 6.5% to 7% alcohol. It was a drink that was mostly associated with farmers but has started becoming popular in the cities and mostly younger generation Korea, Japan and Singapore. Makgeolli was traditionally taken in bowls among the farmers but is being packaged in plastic bottles or aseptic packaged containers.

Apart from being an alcoholic drink, Makgeolli has numerous health benefits. The bulk of Makgeolli’s composition is pure nutrition. Apart from the 80% water and 6-8% alcohol, Makgeolli consists of 2% protein, 0.8%carbohydrates, 0.1% fat and 10% dietary fiber along with vitamins B and C. It is unfiltered and contains high levels of lactic acid and lactobacillus bacteria which are five hundred times the level in yogurt and dietary fiber. Makgeolli comes in three categories, Draft Makgeolli, Sterilized Makgeolli and flavored Makgeolli.

Draft Makgeolli

It is freshly prepared and has a refreshing taste which goes especially well with spiced and barbequed food. Available in most of the restaurants in Singapore, it has to be chilled and consumed within three months of production. Just like other Korean rice wines it’s rich with health benefits like aiding digestion, improve immune function and slow the aging process.

Sterilized Makgeolli

Well known for its low alcohol content and sweet milky taste, sterilized Makgeolli can also be used in cooking to enhance flavor. It is also good in health as it aids in digestion, improve immune function and slow aging process. It can be drunk on its own, mixed in cocktails.

Flavored Makgeolli

Flavored Makgeolli comes in different types, we have Sejong Millet Makgeolli, Sejong chestnut Makgeolli, Raspberry Makgeolli Hallabong mandarin Makgeolli. The flavored brands are made from different ingredients as the name suggests like millet from millet flow, strawberry and the others as well.

In Singapore, you can find makgeolli in every Korean restaurant. But they only provide limited flavors. Here are some Korean wines which I like very much.

Hallabong Mandarin Makgeolli

It is made from the famous Hallabong Mandarin oranges from Jeju island South Korea, best known for its sweatness and refreshing taste. It’s packaged in plastic bottles with quantity of 750ml and 6% alcohol. It has great health benefits such as aiding digestion, improving immune function and slowing ageing process, this is due to its composition of lactobacillus bacteria and dietary fiber.

Sejong Peanut Makgeolli

Packaged in plastic bottles of 75ml with 6% alcohol content, Sejong peanut Makgeolli is made from Korean Premium peanut from Jeju, Udo Island, giving it the nutrient richness and soft taste.

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