5 Best Dark Chocolate Bars You Can Find in Singapore

Singapore is a city state country in East South Asia. 80% of its supply is imported from outside. Therefore, you can find lots of goods from different country. People living in Singapore have the advantage to try goods with different flavors from different countries, including chocolates.

In Singapore, you can find lots of chocolates from the world. Swiss chocolate, Belgium chocolate, Germany chocolate, British chocolate, Italian chocolate, Japanese chocolate and American chocolate are all gathered in this small country. Here will list the 5 best dark chocolate bars you are able to find in Singapore.

Lindt Excellent Cocoa Dark Chocolate


Lindt Excellence Cacao is the premium dark chocolate bar in Lindt chocolate family. These full-bodied dark chocolate are made from the finest cocoa beans in the world. To meet different people taste, Lindt prepares different strong level, from 70% pure cocoa content to 99% pure cocoa content. You can find more cheap Lindt chocolate here.

Godiva Large Dark Chocolate Bar

Belgium premium chocolate brand Godiva has its own great dark chocolate bar. The classic Large 72% dark chocolate bar and Large 85% Extra Dark Chocolate Santo Domingo bar are absolutely delight any true chocolate lover. Find the best deal of Godiva chocolate in Singapore.

The Belgian Dark (No Suger Add) Bar

This sugar free dark chocolate bar is good for diet-conscious chocolate lovers. It helps you reduce sugar intake and still lets you enjoy the pleasant taste dark chocolate. The Belgian dark bar ensures you the same delicious taste as other premium Belgium dark chocolate.

Neuhaus Carré Origin Dark Chocolate

Maybe you haven’t heard about Neuhaus. It is a notable Belgian chocolate manufactor which produces and sells luxury chocolates, biscuits and ice cream. Its dark chocolate, Neuhaus Carré Origin Dark Chocolate, is made up of 4 different flavors, each one representing a different origin of cocoa bean. The cocoa bean are from Sao Tome, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, and Ecuador.

Lindt Swiss Thins Dark

This is another Lindt premium dark bar chocolate. It offers pure dark chocolate pleasure as they are made from the best quality ingredients. The special thin shape design makes it melting quickly on the tongue to bring us the wonderful coca taste. Try to get the cheapest Lindt chocolate in Singapore.

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