The Cheapest Godiva Chocolate in Singapore

When it comes to chocolates, you can never afford to miss the best ones from Belgium like Godiva Chocolate, even you are living in Singapore. This company started way back in 1926 but never failed to surprise its consumers until now with its delectable and mouthwatering products. Ownership of such company was later transfer to a Turkish Yıldız Holding in November 20, 2007. Eventually, it prospered and expanded its market worldwide. Though it started in Belgium, it has reached far countries like Europe, Canada, United States and Singapore. It even came up with as much as 10,000 specialty retailers!

godiva gold rigid box

As the one of the best chocolates brands, they sell products other than chocolates. They also have cocoa, coffee, truffles, sweets and dipped fruits. The list does not end there since they also have shakes, liqueur, specially arranged gift baskets and party favors. Hence, Godiva is a one stop shop for all your chocolate needs. If you are thinking of having small cardboard chocolate boxes then don’t forget its famous “Gold Ballotin”. Of course, they always attract the crowd with their limited edition seasonal chocolates, all in special packaging that fits any celebrated holidays. And who will ever forget their tasty ice cream, coffee pods, cheesecake and liquer served in various chocolate related flavors? Indeed Godiva is a place of Heaven for chocolate lovers.

Where to Get Cheap Godiva Chocolate

Not all good things come with a price. In fact, even a delectable chocolate like Godiva can be very affordable. All that matters is to know how to get the best thing without spending much. And when it comes to chocolates, you need to know where to buy cheap Godiva chocolate. Well, there are 3 ways you can save on these chocolates’ prices.

Buy from shopping mall with promotion
Marketing is essential to any trade or business. Hence, it is not surprising to find Godiva chocolates special promotions in big shopping mall. And if you are vigilant on these types of promotions, you will surely cut down on your expenses.

Get it from the airport with tax duty free
The airport is the ideal place to buy luxury goods. In chocolate industry, Godiva is one of them. Because the goods which are sold in airport are all duty free, we can save a lot when we are shopping in the airport. In Singapore Changi airport, the Godiva Gold Rigid box is S$74.10 after discount and we can save about S$5.19. In Changi airport, we could find the cheapest Godiva chocolate in Singapore.

Godiva coupons and voucher
Godiva offers vouchers and coupons too, but very rare. The best place to get them is Facebook. On Facebook, Godiva always has some special promotions or giveaway events. You can like their page and check their event all the time.

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