Royce The Best Chocolate in Singapore

Do you know that chocolates have been used for consumption since 1900? In fact, this has been given great importance by Aztecs that they considered it as a gift from the God of wisdom and valued it so much to the extent of using it as their form of currency. Though it started as a beverage drink, its use has evolved over time. Hence, it was later used as a wine or corn puree, served as frothy liquid with bitter, spicy taste and finally became everyone’s favorite sweet desert. Today, many companies invested on chocolate manufacturing. Though a lot tried to perfect the product, only few succeeded in such endeavor and Royce is just one of them.

Established in 1983, this company has invested to as much as ¥10.0 million. It started at the northern part of Tokyo, specifically in Hokkaido. In November 1983, this company started its chocolate manufacturing business. Royce’ first 2 years in the trade did not go well. With its integration with Japanese economy, it had a slow growth. However, this did not stop the company from pursuing its goal. Finally, by September of 1985, its capital went up to ¥10.0 million. And in 1990, its industry boomed, making them a leader in Asian candy industry. In May of 1993, they were able to put up their first main shop. Apart from the chocolates that they sold, they also sell area-related souvenirs. In 1993, they also began their cookie production. Today, Royce has a significant reputation in the international market. With its expansion to different countries worldwide, it caught the attention of many chocolate lovers.

The Most Popular Chocolates In Royce

Royce Nama Chocolates
Royce owes much of its reputation from its famous product, Nama Chocolate. Hence, when you hear the word “Royce”, it will surely remind you of that sweet tasting treat that melts in your mouth. This product comes in many varieties, to fit everyone’s distinct taste. If you want to enjoy the bitter taste of chocolate then choose Nama Chocolate “Bitter”. You will surely enjoy its sweet, creamy taste with its delightful bitter flavor. If you are fond of white chocolates then Nama Chocolate white is your best pick. It’s creamy and has all the chocolaty goodness that you want. And do you know that there’s also Nama Chocolate with Champagne flavor? Yes, it is called “Pierre Magnon”. So, for those champagne lovers, this one is for you. Lastly, if you just go for mild flavors then “Nama Chocolate Mid Cacao” is all you need. With all these 4 irresistible yummy chocolaty flavor, you can never ask for more.

Singaporean Likes Royce As The Best Chocolate

In Singapore, you can find the most famous chocolate brands. If you love Swiss chocolate, then you may find Lindt, Toblerone. If you like Italian chocolate, you can find the most popular chocolate Ferrero Rocher. If you are a big fan of Belgian chocolate, then you will never miss Godiva and Guylian. You can also find the German chocolate like Merci, England chocolate like Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate or Cadbury Milk Chocolate, or American chocolate like HerShey’s Kisses and Dove.

If you are living in Singapore, your life in Singapore will never be complete without indulging to its mouthwatering chocolate brand, Royce chocolate. In fact, even those who are not really chocolate lovers will be attracted with it, after they gave it a try anyway to feed their curiosity. Besides, you can never know why Singaporeans love it unless you give it a try.

First, Royce finds its way to be different from many chocolate products that we know of. They go beyond the traditional way of creating the product. Where can you find a potato chip and a chocolate at the same time? Well, only from Royce. This company successfully combines the saltiness of the chip and the sweet chocolaty goodness of its chocolate coating. Royce chocolate will surely give you a different eating pleasure that you will surely enjoy.

Royce Nama Chocolates 2

Singaporeans love Royce Nama Chocolate too much because of its fresh chocolate taste. In fact “Nama” is a Japanese term “raw” or “fresh”. This also explains why it is wrapped using an insulate bag that comes with ice when bought. This is intended to prolong its shelf life. In fact, if you read its expiry date, you will realize that it can only be stored for a shorter period of time compared with other chocolates that you find in stores. This is the secret of its divine flavor that creates steam of praises to this chocolate, adding significantly to the wonderful reputation of Royce. The flavor of this product is a pure bliss which will surely capture the heart of both chocolate and none chocolate lovers alike. But the selections of Royce products do not end here. They also have chocolates with champagne flavor and many other uniquely prepared products. Ant their tastes, unique flavors and freshness made Singaporeans fall in love with Royce chocolates over and over.

Is Royce Chocolates Cheap?

This is a very good question, but it really depends. If you want to enjoy the most tasty chocolate, it is not expensive at all. You know that the Royce Nama Chocolates are made in limited quantity. Especially in valentine’s day, it could be the best gift for your lover. In this case, the Royce chocolates are quite cheap.

Find The Cheapest Royce Chocolates in Singapore

In Singapore, there are only 5 outlets where you can get Royce chocolates. The Royce Chocolates vouchers are offered in limited quantity. Last time, I got a $5.00 discount voucher for Royce Chocolates. I guess the cheapest Royce Nama chocolate is $10.00 for each box.

Sometimes, Royce also has some special promotion. The biggest one is $45 for four boxes of Royce Nama chocolates. There is $4.00 off for each box. Besides cash discount, Royce also has lots of giveaway events on Facebook. For example, you can connect Royce on Instagram and share a photo of yourself with Royce Chocolate, you might be the lucky one to get free Royce chocolate in the giveaway event.

Where to Buy Royce Chocolates In Singapore

After knowing of Royce chocolates, your next question may be: “Where to buy this chocolate?” Well, you can buy it from Royce Takashiyama Department Store Shop. This is located in Food Hall, B2, 391 Orchard Road. You can also contact them in numbers (65)67374977.

Another store is Royce Ion Orchard Shop. This is at Basement 4, Near Ion Station, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-10 Ion Orchard. You can contact them at (65)65099340.

You can also find a Royce outlet in Raffles City Shopping Centre. It’s at 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-34/35 with phone number: (65)63364811.

Another two outlets are Royce Suntec City Shop at Suntec City Mall and Royce Westgate Shop at 3 Gateway Drive, West Gate Singapore. This is the nearest outlet for people living in west of Singapore.

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