The Cheapest Awfully Chocolate

After one week trip in Singapore, my wife told me she loves one dark chocolate cake in Singapore, but she forgot what’s the name of it. After we played several round Bingo game, the best dark chocolate cake she loves is from Awfully Chocolate. Different from Royce or Lindt, Awfully Chocolate is small local pastry store in Singapore. Though it is not that famous as Royce, Lindt, or Ferrero Rocher, but its chocolate is quite expensive. Like my wife, she loves this chocolate cake very much and she will go to enjoy this great taste from time to time. After several times, we will spend a quite big amount on it. Therefore, if we can get some vouchers or special offers before we visit the store, we may save a lot in the long run.

As Awfully Chocolate is a world wide chocolate brand, let’s see if there is cheap Awfully Chocolate in other countries beyond Singapore. Awfully Chocolate in Shanghai has four outlets and it also accepts order online. The All Chocolate cake 6″ in Shanghai is CNY ¥160.00, around USD $25.00 or SGD $34.00. It is as expensive as it in Singapore; the Chocolate Banana cake 6″ in Shanghai is CNY ¥185.00, around USD $30.00 or SGD $40.00. Awfully Chocolate in Shanghai is not cheap in the outlets, neither does the online store. It is even more expensive than Ferrero Rocher and Lindt. That’s why Awfully Chocolate vouchers are so popular there.

In Singapore, the price in outlets is the same as it in online store. Compare with other chocolate brand, it is not cheap either. In the world wide, you can only find the cheapest Awfully Chocolate in Singapore. Here is the normal price I found on their official website.

Awfully All Chocolate in 6″ S$34.00
Awfully Chocolate Banana in 6″ S$36.00
Awfully Chocolate Rum & Cherry in 6″ S$38.00
Chocolate Ganache Cupcake S$6.90

How to Find Awfully Chocolate Special Offer

Though Awfully Chocolate is quite expensive, we still can find some special offer in a certain way. The first special offer I found is one their Facebook page. To get the latest discount info from their Facebook page, you’d better to like their page first so that you can get updates from their news feed. Facebook is not the only place to get promo coupons for Awfully Chocolate. The biggest discount I got is from Groupon, S$25 for one All Chocolate in 6″ (the normal price is S$34.00). The promotion is valid in all outlets in Singapore.

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