A Great Day in Universal Studios Singapore

My wife and I visited the Universal Studios Singapore at December 30. It is Tuesday, but there are still lots of people. It maybe because it was the holiday period but I remembered it was not that crowded when I visited it 2 years ago. I booked the tickets 3 months ago through a travel agency at a very low price. The normal price will be S$74 per person, but I got the ticket at S$40 per person. Actually, booking tickets through travel agency is just one way to save money when you are travelling in Singapore. You can get more information about how I plan my travel in Singapore and save money by booking tickets early.

Though I have a whole plan for the day to enjoy the Universal Studios Singapore, we got up late in the morning and we had to break the plan. We had lunch in Da Shi Dai at level 3 in VivoCity. When we reached Universal Studios, it was already 12 p.m. Our original plan is playing each event in Universal Studios one by one. When we enter the Universal Studios, we find out it is impossible to play all the events. It is too crowded. Therefore, we just choose the most interesting events to play.

The Most Interesting Show For Kids in Universal Studios Singapore

OK. Sesame Street Stage Shows is the first show my wife and I queued. It is located in New York zone. After we queued in 5 minutes, we decided to give up. But if you have kids, it should be the most interesting show for them. For adults, it is quite childish, but for kids, it is the best.

The Shortest Queue in Universal Studios Singapore

As we give up queuing for Sesame Street Stage Shows, we go directly to the second item in New York Zone, Lights, Camera, Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg. It is a very exciting movie special effects indoor show. Due to it’s big show room which can contain around 40 to 50 people one time, it doesn’t have a very long queue. We only wait for 20 minutes for it.

The Most Amazing Event in Universal Studios Singapore

Transformers The Ride
Well. I believe everybody will agree that Transformers The Ride in Sci-Fi City Zone is the most amazing event. We have queued for 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it is quite worth to queue. And this attraction is the only one my wife want to try twice even there is a long queue.

The Most Horrible Attraction in Universal Studios Singapore

If you want to try the most horrible attraction, I will suggest you to try Revenge of the Mummy in Ancient Egypt Zone. I vote it as the most horrible attraction, though I have already tried Battlestar Galactica dueling roller coasters. After you try, you will know. I have seen a young man just seating on the ground after he finished the Revenge of the Mummy adventure. After my wife played this attraction, she refused to play any riders.

The Longest Queue in Universal Studios Singapore

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure in Lost World Zone is the attraction which we have queued for 2 hours. Compare with Transformers The Ride, it is not worth to queue for 2 hours. And I suggest you to put this attraction last in your play list, because you will be wet after you finish it.

What Kids Can Play in Universal Studios Singapore

In Singapore Universal Studios, there are lots of shows that you can take your kids to watch together. There are several shows arranged in the day:

  • Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase in New York Zone
  • Lights, Camera, Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg in New York Zone
  • Shrek 4-D Adventure in Far Far Away Zone
  • Donkey Live in Far Far Away Zone
  • Magic Potion Spin in Far Far Away Zone

I am afraid you have to forget about all exciting rollers. But there are some peaceful rollers or rides designed for your kids. Your kids will truly love them:

  • Accelerator in Sci-Fi City Zone
  • Treasure Hunters in Ancient Egypt Zone
  • Dino-Soarin in The Lost World Zone
  • King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round in Madagascar Zone
  • Madagascar: A Crate Adventure in Madagascar Zone

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