Cost of Travelling in Singapore For 5 Days And 4 Nights

Last week, my wife and I just finished our first travel in Singapore. I think it is worth to write an article about our spent in Singapore for 5 days and 4 nights. Singapore is a modern city. All restaurants accepts credit cards. If you want to travel in Singapore, you don’t have to worry about how much cash you need to bring. But you still need to prepare some cash in case.

How Much Cash Do I Need To Bring When I am Travelling in Singapore

I prepared S$800 before she came to Singapore. Later, we found actually it is not necessary to prepare so much, because we left S$400 cash in the end. In Singapore, we spent cash on ice cream, taxi fee, orange juice, and meals in hawker centre.

Hawker centres in Singapore are the must-go place. Though you can go to the restaurants for your lunch or dinner, the Hawker centres are the most common places for Singaporean having dinner and drinking. During the vacation, we visited one of the most famous hawker centre near the China Town, Maxwell Food Hawker Centre. You must try the TianTian Chicken Rice.

My Singapore Travel Budgets

Singapore is a very much modern city. The cost of living there is also quite high. Therefore, budget travel cannot let you enjoy Singapore as my point of view. For example, my wife and I spent around S$100 for one dinner to enjoy the beautiful night view on the Mount Faber. Then we rode cable car to enjoy the night view of Sentosa island. There are lots of great places worth to visit in Singapore. I think if you travel in Singapore on a budget, you may not fully enjoy Singapore.

To help you plan your budget for travelling in Singapore, I will post all my spent. I may miss some very small spent like ice cream, drinks, or transport fee.

Budget For Singapore 5 Days 4 Nights Travel
Item Normal Price Promo Price Saving
Flight Ticket S$626.00 x 1 S$626.00 x 1 0
Garden By The Bay S$28.00 x 2 S$12.50 x 2 S$31
Singapore Flyer S$33.00 x 2 S$15.00 x 2 S$36
Universal Studio Singapore S$74.00 x 2 S$38.00 x 2 S$72.00
Adventure Cove Waterpark S$36.00 x 2 S$18.00 x 2 S$18.00
S.E.A. Aquarium S$38.00 x 2 0 S$76.00
Cable Car S$29.00 x 2 S$19.50 x 2 S$19.00
Cash S$400.00 S$400.00 0

The flight ticket is from Shanghai to Singapore, please refer this article about getting cheap flight ticket from Singapore to China. As I am living in Singapore, the flight ticket is only for my wife.

Ticket for Garden By The Bay has different price for foreigners and residents. The local price is S$$20.00 per adult. The local price is valid for Singapore citizens, PRs, EP holders, SP holders, WP holders and DP holders. I am booking the ticket from a Chinese travel agency, so the price is damn cheap. I get the real tickets after I make the payment. (The price in following figure is CNY)

garden by the bay ticket booking

I am booking the cheap tickets for Singapore Flyer in the same way, from a Chinese travel agency. On its official website, there is a 5% discount if you are booking the tickets there. After I paid the money to the agency, he asked me to collect the ticket vouchers at Singapore Stopover Holiday Counter on the day my wife reaching Singapore. It seems these discount tickets are only for foreigners. I am using my wife’s passport booking the ticket. When I collect the vouchers, I need to show my wife’s passport and air tickets on the day my wife reached Singapore. The voucher has a expiry date. We need to collect the Singapore Flyer tickets at the Singapore Flyer ticket counter before the voucher expires.

Singapore Flyer Ticket Booking

Getting a cheap ticket for Universal Studio is a very tough job. But I was so lucky to get a pair of them. I am using my wife’s passport booking the tickets. I think it is also ok if I am using my passport to book, as long as mine is not Singapore passport. I collected the tickets at the counter in the Galleria, Luxury & Fashion at Resorts World™ Sentosa. The normal price for an Universal Studio Singapore is S$74.00. If you really cannot find cheap one, you can go their website to find some promotions. Currently, you can get a ticket at S$66.00.

Universal Studio Ticket Booking

I am booking the tickets for Adventure Cove Waterpark on their website. I am choosing the 1-for-1 Wednesdays promotion, so I enjoy the half price of the normal tickets. But this promotion has a limitation. I can only go there on Wednesdays. S$25.00 promotion doesn’t have this limitation. The ticket is e-ticket. After I made the payment online, I get the e-ticket email. To enter water park, I need to print the e-ticket out and show them at the entrance.

adventure cove water park

It is surprising to get two free SEA Aquarium tickets. I am not sure why I can get the free tickets. I am booking the Adventure Cove Water Park tickets on their website, so I print the receipts and e-tickets before I enter the water park. At the entrance, the stuff just give me a pair of S.E.A. Aquarium tickets for free. I just take it without asking the reason 😛

The normal price for SEA Aquarium ticket is S$38.00, you can get a half price discount if you choose 1-for-1 Wednesdays promotion. If you cannot go there on Wednesday, you can also get the tickets at S$25.00 promotion price when you are booking online.

I am booking the Cable Car tickets on their official website. Currently, there is a NIGHT RIDERS PACKAGE promotion. You can get a pair of tickets at $39.00. Additionally, you can get free snacks and soft drinks. The limitation is the tickets are only valid after 7pm. For more information, you can check this post: A Great Night Trip at Mount Faber.

Singapore Cable Car Ticket Booking

I don’t mention about the hotel here. My wife and I were living in my room I rent near Jurong Point, so we save the hotel cost. Living hotel is usually a big cost as a part of the total travelling cost. The best way to get cheap hotel is searching on or

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