Cost of Living in Singapore 2014 October

When I am summarizing the cost in this month, I just realized that I have been recording my cost of living for 3 years, starting from 2012. Because of the inflation, the price will be increasing year by year. For example, the CPI (an index presents the changes in the prices) in 2012 is 4.6%. That means the price raise by 4.6% against 2011. The CPI in 2013 is 2.4% and the CPI forecast in 2014 is 2.5%. After 3 years, the price also increase by 10%. Now, let’s check if my cost increase like the data shown.

Cost of Living in Singapore
October 2014 October 2013 October 2012
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$88.8 S$88.9 S$163.50
Transport S$60 S$90 S$40
Meal S$150 S$450 S$200
Phone Bill S26.00 S$0 S$45.60
Rental S$613 S$580 S$565
Total Cost S$937.80 S$1208.90 S$1014.10

Surprised! My cost doesn’t follow the CPI trend. I believe I cut my spent a little in these 3 years. Some cost like rental I cannot cut still keep increasing in these three years. As long as the population in Singapore keep increasing, which the government really want, then the rental will keep increasing. Anyway, rent a house in Singapore is really expensive.

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