The Best Leather Knee High Boots For Women

Leather knee high boots are a popular choice year round, but choosing which leather boots to buy isn’t always the easiest decision. There are many things to consider before buying boots—like the quality of the material used, the style of the foot, the fit of the boot, and even how comfortable it is to walk in the boots. If you are looking for leather knee high boots that are high quality, stylish and fit comfortably, consider the following three pairs of boots!

FRYE Melissa Button Boot

FRYE offers plenty of great boots, but their ‘Melissa’ Button Boot is one of their best leather knee high boot offerings. The ‘Melissa’ is made from genuine, 100% imported leather which only looks great and feels great, it lasts for much longer than inferior leather. The boot features a small platform heel which is about .25 inches high, making it perfect for those who want a bit of lift in their boots but aren’t keen on anything that might make it difficult to walk in.

FRYE Women's Melissa Button Boot
FRYE Women’s Melissa Button Boot (5 stars with 277 reviews)

The ‘Melissa’ features a top button closure which adds a slightly rustic look and makes it easy to take the boot on and off. The boot does not feature a zipper, which may make it a tight fit for those with wider calves. Thankfully, the ‘Melissa’ boot does come in several different ‘wide calf’ variations, although not every color offered by FRYE can be made in a wide calf option.

Clarks Mullen Spice Knee High Boot

Clarks Women's Mullen Spice Knee-High Boot
Clarks Women’s Mullen Spice Knee-High Boot (5 stars with 157 reviews)

The ‘Mullen Spice’ knee high leather boot offering from Clarks features high quality leather, manmade soles with excellent traction, and a slightly high heel that measures 1.25 inches. The boot features two adjustable buckle closures in addition to a quarter-length zipper which runs the length of the buckle closures. The boot is a good choice for people with wide calves who are looking for stylish, quality leather boots; because of the adjustable buckles and large calf diameter on the top of the boot, it is easier for people with wide calves to fit in. The Mullen Spice knee high boots come in two colors: tan and black.

Timberlin Savin Hill Tall Knee Boot

Timberland Women’s Savin Hill Tall Boot (5 stars with 405 reviews)

This unique offering from Timberland combines the simplicity of a basic leather boot with striking design; the simple design of the boot is not only fashionable, it is ideal for just about any situation where a great looking boot is an appropriate footwear choice. The boot is made from quality imported leather and features a 1 inch heel and an adjustable strap which allows for a fairly adjustable sizing fit on the boot. It should be noted that the boot is designed with slimmer calves in mind. However, so those with wider calves may want to look for knee high boots for thick calves. Then, well fitting wide calf knee high boots are the best options.

The Savin Hill boot is an ideal choice for anyone with slimmer calves who is looking for high quality, fashionable leather knee high boots with a simple, striking design.

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