5 Popular Philippines Homemade Food

There is one reason why Philippines is said to be one of the most sought tourist destination in the whole world and this is because of their mouthwatering local recipes. Indeed the adage that says; “the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” works pretty well for tourists who visit this part of the world. Here are 5 Filipino homemade foods that you will surely enjoy:


It is very common for the country’s locals to hear a vendor shouting “Taho” while selling his appetizing merchandise while walking on the street. Hence, a sight like this is very common:


This scene may not look very attractive but wait till you taste what this man has to offer.


It comes with gelatin-like ingredients that surprisingly come from a processed soybean. What makes it more delectable is the sweet taste of its caramel toppings. This also has savory tapioca pearls called as “sago” by Filipino locals.

Chicken Adobo

Who would ever shun from this appetizing meal? While western countries take pride in their fried chicken, Philippines is also known for its Chicken Adobo. This is considered to be an authentic Filipino dish made of chicken seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar and spices.



If you are a vegetable lover, you will surely fall to this type of Filipino vegetable cuisine. This is a mixture of many common veggies grown in this country. Among these are egg-plant, squash, okra and string beans seasoned to bring out their best taste.



This is the country’s national dish. Hence, your visit to the Philippines won’t be complete if you never had the chance to taste it. Many Filipino families prepare this type of food during special occasions in their own backyard. After seasoning the pig, they is placed on a large stick which will be used as its handle while cooked over coal.


Kare Kare

This is Philippine’s version of a stew. Oxtail is commonly used as a meat. But others would add pork hocks, pig feet, calves feet and other meat. This is also added with vegetables like eggplant, cabbage and other common green veggies in the Philippines. Its sauce is flavored to taste using ground peanuts and colored by an extracted annatto seed. A shrimp paste is served together with this cuisine on the table so you just add this according to your own personal taste.


There are a lot more foods that you can try when visiting Philippines. And surely, their homemade cuisines are among the things that can never be forgotten in your visit in this part of the world.

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