Saving Money Tips: Homemade Candle

Unexpectedly, you have a blackout and you have no emergency lamp to light your home, what will you do? Obviously, you go back to the traditional way of lighting your surroundings by using a candle. Today, candles are used for many reasons. They are not only useful during blackouts but they are equally important in many ways. They are now commonly used as age markers on birthday cakes and used as scented candles, adding up fragrance to a room. Indeed the use of candle has evolved over time along with its appearance as well.

As candle becomes very useful, they increase in their costs as well. If you visit groceries and malls, you will know that these commodities can be more costly than you can imagine. However, don’t despair since you can always make a homemade candle so you can fit this part of your expense on your budget. All you need to do is to prepare the following materials:

• Wax
• Hardener
• Besswax
• Wicks
• Candy Thermometer
• Metal Wick Holders
• Saucepan
• Candle Holders

Follow the guide below to make a candle

• Using a saucepan, melt the wax using a low heat (preferably not more than 90 degrees Celsius).
Note: To ensure that you have the right temperature, use a candy thermometer.
• In a separate saucepan, melt beeswax and hardener ( ratio of this solution to the wax- 1:10).
• Mix this solution to the melted wax. To add color, use dye. Color will vary according to your preference.
• Remove wax from heat and add scent if desired (the number of drops will vary according to your preference as well).
• Using a metal wick holder, place the wick on the base of the candle holder.
• Pour melted wax to the candle holder with the wick.
• Allow the mixture to cool down and harden.
• Trim the wick as desired.
• Store candle in dark, cool place.

Creating candles can vary from simple to a more complex method. This depends on how you intent to use it. For just a simple light alternative during blackouts, you can create big yet unscented candles, enough to light your dimmed home. But for decorative purposes, you may need to spend time decorating its container and investing for scents, adding fragrance to the room. However, if you are on a budget, make use of what’s available in your home. This way, you can cut on your expenses and still have the candle that you need.

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